Tentang Kami

HowOld.my.id is an online calculator site whose function is to calculate your age or age since birth. Apart from that, HowOld.my.id also functions to find out your Zodiac and Shio signs precisely and accurately.

HowOld.my.id was founded by PlanetNesia.com in January 2021 with the previous name age.planetnesia.com. In January 2021, age.planetnesia.com changed its name to HowOld.my.id and added a number of features such as checking Shio, online Zodiak and others.

Due to many requests from visitors, PlanetNesia.com deliberately changed age.planetnesia.com to HowOld.my.id and added Shio and Zodiak to make your calculator more interesting.

Apart from that, changing the name of this site does nothing but make our site easier to find in searches and easy for our loyal visitors to remember.

Considering that humans definitely have limitations and are not free from mistakes, PlanetNesia.com is aware that the HowOld.my.id site still has many shortcomings here and there.

If you have criticism, suggestions or input, please convey it via the contact page.